31. New yoga workout

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I found this Yoga DVD – The Biggest Loser Workout – Weight Loss Yoga, and it is really cool

First off is a 27 minute regular yoga workout. I would say it is a beginners yoga work out because after having done my other beginners routine, I found I was pretty able to do this one without too many issues.

Then there is a 17 minute yoga and pilates workout.

To finish off there is a 20 minute yoga/weights (just small dumb-bells) workout.

You could do all three in one one-hour workout or spread them out through the day.

What I like about this DVD is the people in the DVD are ex-contestants of the Biggest Loser and are not all stick thin or professional athletes. Sometime they over-balance or need to be corrected on how they are doing something, plus they show how you could do an easier version of the workout if you aren’t ready for the more complex/challenging version.

I like the idea of combining yoga and weightloss, so I am pretty pleased with this find.


22. My Fitness Pal

My goals have been chugging along nicely but I realise I need a bit more structure to my food intake to ensure I eating the right portion size, and the right kinds of foods.

So I have decided to log all the food I eat into My Fitness Pal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.19.03 pm

What I like about My Fitness Pal is:

  • It’s free!
  • It breaks down foods by their calories/kilojoules but also by sugars, carbs, proteins, sodium etc.
  • You can easily search of supermarket items and find them, or something similar, and add it to your daily log.
  • You can log your weight loss as you go and track how that is going.
  • It sorts out, for your body weight, and weight-loss goals, how much you can eat per day.
  • It helps you to see how much extra you could eat (or benefit from) due to exercise.
  • It helps you figure out if you are eating too much, or not enough.

Anyone got any other tips/advice to add? Leave a comment below.

15. Focus going forward

It was pointed out to me today that it is important to have a balance between Body, Mind, Spirit and Family. While I have made some good improvements in terms of Mind, Spirit and Family, it is important that I take the focus on improving my body (health) seriously.

Also, as someone who has got used to being inside most of the time, I need to get out and about more. That means I do need to find a spot outside where I can have a go at meditating (even though I came up with lots of reasons why I thought I didn’t need to hahaha). My mum talks a lot about how being outside gives you Vitamin D, so being outside will benefit me in that way, as well as getting me fit AND getting me out of the house for a bit.

Goals for this week:

  • Spirit – Meditate each day in a spot outside
  • Body – Exercise for 30-40 minutes each day and set up a daily exercise plan
  • Mind/Body/Spirit – Do four 20 minute yoga sessions
  • Body – Set a date for losing first 10 kgs – Achieved 🙂
  • Body – Make healthy food choices
  • Mind -Continue writing blog posts daily
  • Family – Enjoy the time I get with my family

So one of my goals is to lose 10 kgs. A realistic weight loss is (according to the internet) 0.5-1 kg per week, so I will aim for 10 kgs weight-loss in 10 weeks – so that is the 26th of May.

5. Goals – Mind, Body, Spirit, Family

I am going to have a go and some goals to do with mind, body, spirit and family. Maybe sharing them here will help me be more accountable to them too.



  • Try meditation each day (either guided meditation through youtube, or outside)
  • Find my own place to meditate that is outside the house


  • 40 minutes exercise a day (e.g. 20 minute walk and 20 minutes cross trainer)
  • Healthy choices
  • Aim to lose 10 kgs as first goal

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