28. Good things about today

Good things about today

  • Did a pretty good job of being in the present and focusing on what is certain, rather than uncertain
  • Make fried rice for the first time
  • Planned a fun Easter activity for my kids
  • Made some $$ with my job

27. The End Goal

Today, after explaining to my counsellor how I was struggling with worry, and my over-active mind, he reminded me that instead of focussing on the uncertainty, I need to focus on the things that are certain.

So that is the plan.

Very wise words.

I never thought I would enjoy going to a counsellor, or even look forward to it, but sometimes what you need is just to get your inside thoughts OUT and hear someone else’s perspective – and a little bit of tough love honesty never hurt either.

In the past I would never have opened up, because I liked to portray the idea that I had it all together. Now that that has been well and truly pulverised, I like that I can just be real, instead of trying to be perfect.

26. Goals Recap

It has been two weeks since I made my goals, so I want to check how I did with these:

Goals for this fortnight:

  • Spirit – Meditate each day in a spot outside
    • 12 out of 14 days (the other two days I meditated inside)
  • Body – Exercise for 30-40 minutes each day and set up a daily exercise plan
    • Set up an exercise plan
    • Exercised 13 out of 14 days
  • Mind/Body/Spirit – Do four 20 minute yoga sessions per week
    • I ended up doing more than 4 per week. I did 10 sessions in the fortnight.

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25. 10% Recap – Chapter Six- Meditation

From www.amazon.com
From http://www.amazon.com

In this chapter, Harris explores meditation.

Epstein was a proponent of meditation for taming the mind but Harris had no intention of doing that:

  • He had experience with kids yoga, forced upon him by parents
  • He pretty much imagined meditation to be every cliché of eastern philosophy rolled into one – bells, ‘ommmm’ hum noises, cross-legged positions and so on
  • He considered himself to have a low attention span

His therapist suggested he read book about the medical benefits of meditation. He found that it:

  • Decrease stress
  • Lower blood pressure

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24. Worry

I have a natural tendency to worry. I am not sure if that is just human nature, but it is certainly in my nature. It is my go-to emotion, in times of uncertainty.

Because life is so uncertain at present, I have plenty I could worry about. But I also realise more and more that it doesn’t help.

I am doing my best to stay in the present, but it is a daily, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour challenge, to say the least!

Hopefully, the more and more I practice meditation and mindfulness, the easier it will be to snap out of worry and get back to the present. That is the plan at least!

23. 10% Recap + other random thoughts about life

From www.amazon.com
From http://www.amazon.com

So Chapter Five… (if anyone is actually reading this, bear in mind these are just my random thoughts/questions/ideas as I read this chapter)

  • Harris now began reading a book by a guy called Dr. Mark Epstein, a buddhist and psychiatrist.
  • According to this author, a lot of the ideas of these other self-help gurus actually came from the teaching of Buddha and ancient buddhist principles.

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22. My Fitness Pal

My goals have been chugging along nicely but I realise I need a bit more structure to my food intake to ensure I eating the right portion size, and the right kinds of foods.

So I have decided to log all the food I eat into My Fitness Pal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.19.03 pm

What I like about My Fitness Pal is:

  • It’s free!
  • It breaks down foods by their calories/kilojoules but also by sugars, carbs, proteins, sodium etc.
  • You can easily search of supermarket items and find them, or something similar, and add it to your daily log.
  • You can log your weight loss as you go and track how that is going.
  • It sorts out, for your body weight, and weight-loss goals, how much you can eat per day.
  • It helps you to see how much extra you could eat (or benefit from) due to exercise.
  • It helps you figure out if you are eating too much, or not enough.

Anyone got any other tips/advice to add? Leave a comment below.