26. Goals Recap

It has been two weeks since I made my goals, so I want to check how I did with these:

Goals for this fortnight:

  • Spirit – Meditate each day in a spot outside
    • 12 out of 14 days (the other two days I meditated inside)
  • Body – Exercise for 30-40 minutes each day and set up a daily exercise plan
    • Set up an exercise plan
    • Exercised 13 out of 14 days
  • Mind/Body/Spirit – Do four 20 minute yoga sessions per week
    • I ended up doing more than 4 per week. I did 10 sessions in the fortnight.

  • Body – Set a date for losing first 10 kgs
    • May 26th
  • Body – Make healthy food choices
    • This one still needs more work.
  • Mind -Continue writing blog posts daily
    • Big tick here. 
  • Family – Enjoy the time I get with my family
    • This is going well. I am taking every opportunity I get and trying to “be in the moment” during these times.

So I have improved in my goals success over the previous fortnight, but I still need more work on making good food choices.

I think I have an issue with emotional eating, perhaps mindfulness can help with that too?


What do you think? Let me know!

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