20. 10% Recap – Chapter Four

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From http://www.amazon.com

In this chapter, Harris interviewed Deepak Chopra, who he described as “another self-help superstar.”

  • He didn’t find him particularly helpful and was sceptical of the genuine-ness of a lot of his claims.
  • He also met two of the people involved in “The Secret.” I remember hearing about this book from seeing it on Oprah at some point, and to be honest, it sounded like a load of rubbish to me – “Put out into the world what you want and you will get it…” – Um… no.
  • Harris was equally sceptical of “The Secret” authors and found, through meeting them, that he had real reasons to be. During the time he interviewed them, one of them was arrested for manslaughter.
  • He also got to meet some of the people who were “followers” of this way of thinking – poor people who were trying these philosophies and actually just getting into huge debt without any of “The Secret” success.

I am enjoying reading the journey that Harris is going through to find out how to tame the voices in his head. BUT I would like him to get to the part where he actually finds the solution sometime soon! Four Chapters down and he has crossed a lot of things off his list, but I don’t feel like he is much closer to finding any answers.


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