14. Goals Check Up

It is a fortnight since I made my goals, so lets see how I have been going:


  • Try meditation each day (either guided meditation through youtube, or outside) PASS
  • Find my own place to meditate that is outside the house I have decided I don’t want an outside meditation spot


  • 40 minutes exercise a day (e.g. 20 minute walk and 20 minutes cross trainer) PASS
  • Healthy food choices Not going so well with this one!


  • Write a blog post each day to continue journeying through my thoughts PASS


  • Appreciate the quality time I get to spend with my family PASS

So I have managed to achieve a goal to do with my Mind, Body, Spirit and Family this past fortnight. I clearly need to work on my healthy food choices. The statistics say that exercise is good, but healthy eating is the key to weight loss so I need to focus on that more in the coming weeks.

I  think I will continue these as my goals for the next fortnight too.


What do you think? Let me know!

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