9. Giving meditation a go

I will be honest. When it was first suggested to me that I give meditation a go, I thought of this:


After doing a bit of research, and giving it a go, I have found that it is actually a lot less “loopy” than I first thought, and that I just needed to be a bit more open minded.

I have found that through meditating, I am able to have some “me” time, where I can relax and centre myself. Even typing the phrase “centre myself” makes me laugh, because if someone had said that in the past to me, I would have rolled my eyes and called them a hippie.

I found a CD called “The Practice of Mindfulness – 6 Guided Practices” which takes you through six difference meditation sessions, ranging from 7-18 minutes in length.

I have tried two so far: Breathing Meditation and Meditation for Relaxation.


I like the idea that you focus on being in the “now” and if thoughts come into your head, you acknowledge them and then focus back on the now, like on your breathing, for example.

In the past, as I have mentioned previously, I avoided certain thoughts and kept them in boxes instead of dealing with them, OR I concentrated on certain things too much and got stressed or depressed. I can see the benefits of this Mindfulness approach of being present in the now, and how meditation can help with that.

I would highly recommend giving it a go. My wife, who like me was skeptical – has given it a go and found it really relaxing and peaceful for her.


What do you think? Let me know!

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