2. Good things about today

Today has been a pretty good day:

  • Got lots of work so made some $$
  • Successfully cooked some meals for my parents in law (Devilled sausages with rice)
  • Quality time with my wife and daughter

I am not a fan of rice, or devilled sausages, but it is good to know that tonight they get real food, and not just a sandwich for dinner.

It still annoys me that we are going through a hard time and no one seems to step in to offer us any help – but what can you do about that really? At least through this we know what it is like to go through hard times, and we can see how practical support (like cooking a meal) can be really helpful. It means we can help others in these little ways, when in the past we might not have seen the importance of it.

One thing I am going to be working on in the coming days and weeks is my physical body – losing weight and getting fit. So I have set Saturday as the day to begin that. So of course, tonight we are having McDonalds!


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